Zhiying Li

4 years ago, my job was relocated to Upstate New York. We chose to settle in Delmar at the recommendation of my boss at the time who lived here with her family. Delmar was right for us because I had two young children and we wanted to find a community with good schools, good teachers and good classmates and friends for our children to grow up with. To me, community is family without blood ties.

I am Chinese and a scientist. I came to the United States for my graduate studies over 20 years ago and stayed as things kind of flowed as they did. I am interested in contributing to the community in ways that matter to every member of the community, and on behalf of all Chinese residents who I may or may not know personally.

I am a lazy exercise lover - I love to stay fit and physically capable, but I do the bare minimum instead of going above and beyond. When I am done with the bare minimum, I am perfectly happy to lay on a hammock or turn into a couch potato.

Life is about learning – learning who I am and what matters most to me. Life is also about humanity and the value of differences as well as similarities. Independence, inter-dependence, logic and rationale, fairness and equality are important to me and I hope to pass these values on to my children. Life is to live and just have.