Judy Lasher

I always say that I fall in love with everyone that I photograph; not romantic love, but an appreciation for who they are and what their story is. I really do see beauty in each person that I work with. I also see sadness, joy, tragedy and triumph.

So many people have experienced a lifetime of trauma and rejection simply because of the color of their skin or who they love. They often see themselves through the negative lens or labels that others have placed on them. My goal for each person that gets in front of my camera is for them to see WHAT I SEE when I look at them through my lens; beauty, strength, confidence and courage.

I have lived in Bethlehem for much of my life. I know that Bethlehem still has much work to do to be a truly inclusive community. I hope that someday all people will feel safe and welcome here.

To see some of Judy's work, visit her at @judy.lasher.photography on Instagram.