Rabbi Zalman Simon

What is community? I find myself facing that question every day in the work that I do. Many people look at the whole picture, but community is really a portrait with thousands of individual colorful brushstrokes that create the painting. That is what I try to focus on: the individual.

My wife, Chanie, and I feel honored that we live in the beautiful community of Bethlehem and we have the opportunity to serve the local residents.

I grew up here as a child, and then traveled and studied internationally to serve far flung communities such as Greece, Argentina, and Russia before returning to Bethlehem.

We have seen tremendous growth in the 11 years that we have lived here. Serving the community is a collective effort and we have so many members that have been involved in every step of the way. We are also very thankful that our children are involved in the work we do, from visiting seniors who live alone to helping out at the Sunday school. They love to be able to give back as well.

The fabric of Bethlehem is so rich, and we love the community partnerships that we participate in, whether it be First Night, or working with the local fire and police departments.

Now more than ever we are here for the community and here to encourage everyone that they have the ability to make a difference. Each act of kindness spreads more light in this world and we have the ability to make this world better and brighter for all of those around us.

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