Dr. Mehveen Qureshi

I moved from Long Island to the Capital Region summer of 2020, the year of COVID, to start a new career as a pediatric dentist at Where Smiles Grow Pediatric Dentistry. After a few months, I knew it was my dream job. The doctors and staff became my family, and the patients were the best part of my day with all their love, laughter, and stories. The kids always told the best, very detailed, and hilarious stories. I’ve learned a lot not only from my colleagues but from my patient families as well.

People may perceive me as having a quiet demeanor since I’m a pediatric dentist. Everyone I tell is surprised to learn I went skydiving recently and that I’ve always wanted to go. Skydiving was a surreal, beautiful experience even though I was jumping out of a plane. Many also find it hard to imagine me yelling at the refs for making the wrong call during a New York Rangers hockey game. I guess I’m glad I surprise people for being the unexpected.

The past few years have been memorable. It’s been a time of growth and understanding, and I’m lucky to be surrounded by family, friends, and patients who challenge, love, support, and motivate me. I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished, what I’ve grown into, and I look forward to all the adventures ahead.

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